Tiled bathroom in the showhome

How we chose bathroom wall tiles

Bathroom tiles have literally been the only thing we’ve had an argument about throughout the whole process so far… and I think it’s because I wasn’t being decisive enough. I went to the sales office one evening in late November, still thinking we had a month or two to make our choices, and took a picture of every single tile option, in very poor light.

Normally I make decisions quickly and Barry tends to just agree because I make good aesthetic choices/he can’t be bothered arguing – delete as applicable. We got a call the day after I took the pictures to say we needed to come in to make our choices pretty much immediately. We were then working from the pictures, and these tiles were all white, ivory, cream, beige or grey, it was like snow blindness.

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A celebration

We had Jude’s Christening and birthday celebration last month, and every spare minute we had went into preparing the house and garden for our family and friends to come over. Many hadn’t seen it and we’d taken the leap of organising a garden party and just hoping the weather would hold.

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