Bedside tables, curtains, and a food processor

A random list, I know, but that’s what we’ve come back with from my mum’s.  We went to measure the wardrobes she’s offered us to see if they’ll fit in Barry’s car (he thinks they will), rather than hiring a van.

In the meantime, we fit everything we could into the car to save us going back more times than necessary, so on Saturday, we drove back with two bedside tables, two purple lamps to go on them, a long pair of purple curtains and tie-backs, and a food processor which has more parts to it than anything else in our house combined.  I can’t find the instructions online anywhere, so we’ll see how that goes!

We still need to go back for a chest of drawers, the curtain pole (which we forgot), and a double and triple wardrobe.  Not sure where we’re putting everything yet, but the bedside tables and curtains will probably be going in our second spare room.

A special congratulations to my fellow blogger, Karen, who got engaged this weekend!

Going on a mini-holiday until Friday now, so see you all when we get back!

5 thoughts on “Bedside tables, curtains, and a food processor

  1. says:

    I have an espresso machine and I feel the same way- for a rather small machine, it’s got so many parts! It’s sort of exasperating. Where are you going on your trip? We’re due for a vacation ourselves but all this house business’ got us all tied up! Hope you have fun =]

    • Chelle says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous. Not sure whether we’re going to keep it, we’ll see how useful we find it.

      We just went to Scarborough on our trip, and stayed an extra night, which was lovely! Always nice to get home again though. 🙂

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