Nursery furniture up


The nursery furniture’s now up!  It’s lovely to see the cot waiting for the baby to come, it’s definitely feeling more real.  We’ve been leaving the door to the nursery open so we can peek in because it’s making us smile.

I already posted that we’ve bought the Sienna nursery set from Mamas and Papas, which includes a cot, dresser and wardrobe.

DrawersOur Room of Shame has now temporarily been relocated to our (only!) spare room.  Instead of it being baby things thrown everywhere though, we’ve tidied all that away and it’s now the rubbish that was under the double bed which we sold on eBay.

No trouble with that sale, thankfully, although she did initially think she could get a double bed and mattress in a Clio.  Granted, she acknowledged it would take more than one trip.

No, the spare room is currently housing various pieces of equipment for sports we did once (like golf and skiing), board games, a strangely large number of lamps, and other items that need either binning or putting into the loft.  I think we need to be quite brutal!  There’ll be no photos of that room either until it’s sorted!  Instead, look at the pretty rocking horse!Rocking horse


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