Adult proofing

Stair gate

Our house is now stair-safe for Scarlett, but a hotbed of tripping danger for me and Barry.  She won’t be able to get up or down the stairs until she grows about three feet and gets some serious manual dexterity going, which is excellent.

However, whoever designed the bloody gates with the bar at the bottom (and pressure gates STILL NEED SCREWING IN, don’t be fooled) had a real sense of humour.  Scarlett’s in more danger from me falling flat onto her because I can’t pick my feet up that extra inch.  I think Barry might have shed a little tear screwing gates into the house, especially into the black wall and the wooden bannister.  I could tell he was wondering whether we could move house before fixing the holes.

Socket covers

We’ve also got these things that go in the electricity sockets so she doesn’t electrocute herself.  Good job I’ve got nails for leverage, otherwise there’d be no getting those bad boys out.  And then I would never be able to iron.  Now, where are those nail clippers…

2 thoughts on “Adult proofing

  1. Julie says:

    I found these gates work great. You still have to screw them into the wall – I use a nice piece of trim on the wall to give it more support. BUT they have no bars on the floor. Evenflo Home Decor Wood Swing gate.

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