What happened to the rest of the turf

Turf and a garden forkWe had a dither about what to do with the excess turf after we’d covered the area we’d ordered it for.  After listing it locally for a quick sale and getting no interest, Barry had a brainwave about a practical use for it in our own garden.

Behind the greenhouse was a fairly clear area, not a lot going on apart from the odd shrub and some mint.  We got a sunny day (not ideal for laying two-day old turf), but it meant we all got outside for a bit and Scarlett helped too.

Barry is intent on us having chickens and he’s identified this spot as the best place – shady, out of the way, and able to be protected from a fox, who I always imagine as George Clooney in Fantastic Mr Fox.  After extensive online research, he’s found a coop that would be perfect for four chickens, and read that they love having a bit of grass to scratch around on.

The first thing we did was to completely clear the area – pulled up anything that was growing, brushed the earth to the side and then pulled up the protective membrane that was lying just below an inch of earth, cutting it away.  Then Barry lay chicken wire over the ground, followed by the turf, cut to fit the corner right up to the greenhouse.  We still need to fence off the area, but we’ll get this grass taking first.  No rush – chickens aren’t planned until 2017!

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