Change of plans

I’m kind of sulking, because I’m not going to be able to chop up our units to make a dressing table.  The neverending saga of me not having a dressing table continues.  I suppose if I ever actually got one, it wouldn’t be neverending.

Instead, we’ve decided to leave the units as they are, and replace the red stuff with white stuff.  Otherwise, it’d be white on white on white, and that’s clearly too much white.

As I said before, we will still be having white drawers/cupboards/wicker baskets in the units, but it won’t be quite as clinical as we first thought.

Barry’s asked me to clarify why he’s wearing sunglasses inside on yesterday’s post.  It’s not that he’s too cool for school, is a pimp, or has some strange eye disease.  No!  It was just incredibly sunny this Sunday – so sunny, he had to wear sunglasses inside.

I also wanted to show off that we got tickets to the Sunday of Radio 1’s Hackney weekend, and am super excited about it!  If my friend Rach picks up her phone, we might even have somewhere to stay for the night…

I’ve just remembered that I promised our living room carpet to Jaime many moons ago.  I’m afraid it’s not going to be much use to anybody (it’s covered in splashes of paint), and Charlie and Jaime did get their carpets redone about a year ago, so I’m hoping he’ll forgive us when we throw it away!

Dressing up redux

On the ongoing dressing table front, I’ve had a brainwave. I was firstly thinking that the black units we have in the lounge could go into our bedroom. We are already thinking of having black skirting boards, so it would pick up that theme.

I only have an old photo to hand, but what’s pictured is two units next to each other (with one stood up on its end). If you look at the unit under the TV, I was wondering if we could remove the four squares in the centre of the block of eight and make it into a dressing table with two holes at either side, holding up the top. I could then get drawers or cupboards for those – we’d need to get rid of the red drawers though, they wouldn’t go.

That would save us having to buy a dressing table, and I would have space to put all my stuff!

Dressing up

The hunt for the perfect dressing table is an impossible task.  Actually, it doesn’t even have to be perfect, it can simply be cheap.  I’ve had an eBay alert set to tell me every time something appropriate in my area is listed, but then nothing ever comes of it.  I feel like I’m destined to forever do my makeup on my bed with my legs crossed like a schoolgirl.

Actually, when I was a schoolgirl, I did have a dressing table.  Ironic, non?

I really like this glass table top from Ikea (where else?), and have liked it for a few years.  You can buy different legs for it, so you could set it on drawers.  I like that it’s huge, has a nice pattern and I can’t stain it like wood if something leaks, or more likely, I knock something over.  It’s just we’ve never had the spare £100 to say, yes!  This month we shall buy the dressing table!

We’ll definitely have to get one when we do out our bedroom, and we’ve also had a couple of quotes for fitted wardrobes.  At the moment we have a solid wood double bed (our fancy spare bed is actually bigger than our own!), and then Ikea Aspelund wardrobe, bedside tables and drawers (only “wood” coloured, although loving the white!).  I’ve sadly pushed Barry out of our triple wardrobe, and he is currently hanging his clothes in the dressing area on a clothing rail.