Ode to a kitchen (oven remix)

I have been informed by a friend (hello, Jaye!) that it is completely couth to love inanimate objects (see: Ode to an oven), so let me say it now: I love our new kitchen units. They’re not even fully unpacked yet and I love them! It’s like Christmas (well, a sight better than this Christmas actually).

The purple is richer than I remembered, and the white looks sharp and clean (it was displayed with cream in the showroom, so we hadn’t actually seen it with white).  It will be great when we get the doors on.

I think getting the worktop cut will be an extra for which we may actually have to pay, but it’ll be worth it to get it right. It would be very expensive to get wrong!  I can’t wait to get the guy round to do this so that we can start using our sink.  We do have a functioning dishwasher, but larger items are currently being washed in the bath!

The tile of my life

Many of my posts include the words I can’t decide, or something to that effect.  I hadn’t realised I was so indecisive!  Because we’re spending a lot of money on the kitchen especially (and will continue to do so for, oh, the next three years), we want it to be perfect.

I’m going to continue with affirmative phrases.  I like kitchen tiles.  We’re having an upstand made of the same wood as the worktop (walnut), but I believe that we need something above that to protect the walls.  We will be getting tiles of some description.  I like the tiles that are rectangular, like bricks.  I like these ones from Wickes (pictured).

But!  Is it boring to have white tiles, or is it chic?  Do we have enough colour with the purple units on the bottom?  What shall we have for tea?

Decisions, decisions…

Barry and I made a little trip to a friend’s this weekend so Barry could put a coat hook in their solid wall because he’s got a fancy drill.  We were talking about how nice it was to do a job and it having a definite ending!  We were also instructed to take a photo for the blog.

He’s spent the weekend here plastering and sanding – I can’t even help at this stage, which is frustrating for me, but probably more so for him.

We’ve had our first visits from friends to see the new space (and have a cup of tea, of course!), and the items we were selling on eBay have all sold, which is good.  Money is now being automatically translated into its equivalent value in DIY or household materials.  But would you pay £26 for a used loo (= a tin of paint)?

Dream a little dream

I’m not a big fan of purple (so why did you get a purple kitchen, I hear you cry).  The truth is, I was seduced by it’s high gloss sexiness, and I wouldn’t change it.  But all of a sudden, purple kitchen accessories have been creeping in from the periphery, and I need to practice some self-control before it gets out of hand and I actually buy something.

Exhibits A and B, Your Honour.

Don’t tell me they’re not lovely.  I know they are.

The beauty of getting a new kitchen is that you technically then need new crockery, just the same as when the bedroom gets painted, I’ll be getting new bedding before you can say Jack Robinson.  Probably before we even paint it, to be honest.  Nothing’s caught my eye on the tableware front yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

Update on the holey radiator – the eBay seller is sending us a new one, so that’s good news.  They’re even letting us keep the one with a hole in it!

K -4 days…