Pinks and greys

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We’ve been trying out colours for the nursery in line with the inspiring photo I found and mentioned in this post a little while ago.

This is as far as we’ve got, but I still think the greys are a bit dark, so I think we need to shop around for a paler grey because I don’t want the nursery to be oppressive!

For the pink, we’re sticking with the “Sorbet” from Dulux that my friend Michelle suggested (thank you!), so it really needs to go with that.

We’ve got the decorator in this week to paint the nursery and middle floor hallway (the hallway won’t be very exciting – we’re covering magnolia paint with “Almond White”, but it’ll freshen it up), so we need to decide quickly.


We also got some new bedding for our bedroom now we’ve moved the beds around, finally got a King Size quilt!  It’s so soft – if I had loads of money I would just have new bedding on my bed all the time!  It’s pink and stripy, and the alternative set we got is white with a cute little ditsy pattern, I’ll put a little photo up when I change the bed and remember to take a photo.

2 thoughts on “Pinks and greys

    • Chelle says:

      We’ve got a lighter one – I’ll put up a pic in a few days once everything’s done and dried, it look pretty. Good call on the pink, by the way! 🙂

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