Nursery done!


The nursery’s now been painted, hurrah!  In the end we went for Sorbet (Dulux) on two walls, which is a pale pink, and then B&Q’s Grey Hints for the rest of the room.  When the decorator was painting the grey, I was worried it wasn’t quite grey enough and it would just look dirty white, but it seems to have dried really nicely and they’re good contrasting colours.

We’d quite like to put a shelf or two up (especially as we have nothing to put the baby monitor and temperature egg thing on), so we’re on the look out for reasonable shelving, although I could always paint a pine one white I suppose.

Nursery paint

It’s really satisfying to have the room painted – the furniture is all finally where we want it now, so we’re just waiting for the arrival to really complete the room!

I’m expecting a few fabric samples from eBay for the nursing chair and stool and then I’ll have a go at reupholstering that – my lovely friend Charlie is going to lend me her sewing machine (thank you!).  And if it turns out like a dog’s dinner, I’ll put a throw on it.  Nobody need ever know…

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  1. blackc96 says:

    Looks great! Sorry I never got back to you before – was a long road with a month of bed rest, a teeny tiny preemie (just 1 lb, 7 oz at birth!) and months and months in the NICU. But she’s doing great and my nursery is coming along. I’m shooting for a “Sophisticated Floral” theme and may start blogging about it soon. I’ve got some sewing left to do also – I’m doing my own crib sheet and changing table cover. Let me know how your sewing goes.

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