Holidays are coming…

Christmas is nearly here, and I haven’t been this excited in years, even though Scarlett has no idea what’s going on.  When the tree goes up, she won’t think Christmas, she’ll think Challenge.

Sorry I haven’t been spending much time updating my blog lately – between looking after (ok, playing with) Scarlett, working part-time, trying to start up my own little business and keep my house in some semblance of order, it’s been a bit crazy in our house the last few months.

My lovely husband did indeed give me a sewing machine for my 31st, it’s lovely and shiny and does all kinds of exciting stitches.  I know: I’ve used two already.  Not including backwards.

S for sack

This is what I’ve been making this week: a Christmas sack for Scarlett.  When me and my brother were little, we each had specific pillowcases that we hung on the end of our beds every Christmas Eve.  When we woke up the next morning to find them gone, that’s how we knew Father Christmas had been (they’d been whisked away in the night to be filled with lovely presents in the living room).

I love the thought of starting a tradition with her very first Christmas!

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