Nursing chair: after the hiatus

Nursing chairWow, this nursing chair has taken a while to complete.  I was given it in late 2012, and spent much time the week before I gave birth in February 2013 on my friend’s sewing machine, reupholstering it with grey fabric – you can follow its progress here, and see it with the matching footstool here.

Here are a couple of photos… how the pair started out, and how they’ve looked from early ’13 until now.

Chair with armsWhen I visited B&Q to get some Rust-Oleum paint for our bed, I also grabbed a miniature white can for the chair, completely misjudging how much I would need to paint all of those spindles and the complicated rocking mechanisms on both.

This took much longer than my bed to paint, took a few coats and lots of flipping the chair around and waiting for it to dry.  There was also so much surface area that I was constantly seeing little bits I hadn’t covered properly, but got most of it in the end.  I painted this in our spare room (so excuse the mess in the photo), but I was much more aware of the splash zone with this one and didn’t get any paint on the carpet.  So, better than the bed effort.

White painted nursing chairI ended up returning to B&Q to buy another two of the smaller pots (I should have just bought one big one to start with), and I used it all.  The Rust-Oleum furniture wax that I applied at the end appeared to make absolutely no difference.  When I applied it to the blue bed, it altered the colour slightly and you could see where it had been applied.  Not so with the white – absolutely no idea where I covered, to be honest.  I kept on though, because it’s supposed to protect the paint layer.

But, finally, it’s done!  I’m very pleased with this result.  It’s been a long time coming!

Nursing chair and stool, fully reupholstered and painted white

Nursing chair and stool, fully reupholstered and painted white

Nursing chair and stool, fully reupholstered and painted white

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