Hanging baskets: not just for nannas, yo

Scarlett watering hanging basketsI’ve avoided hanging baskets until now in my life, as I, yes, had the recently realised misconception that they are for nannas. And granddads, let’s not be sexist.

Following our harrowing Homebase trip, we ordered some brackets from t’internet and then drilled big holes into our house to make it all pretty like.

In the meantime, you can see that Scarlett dedicated herself ostensibly to keeping them alive (see exhibit A), which was negated by the armfuls of pink blooms she wandered inside to bin the following day.

Channelling Kirsty Allsopp, we’re hoping to increase our kerb appeal with the one at the front with the sweet blue flowers. We’re replacing this bracket with a white one to match the house trimmings.

The one at the back is a clumsy attempt to part-mask the ugly black Sky cable that runs the length of the wall.

I’m a convert. They’re not just for nannas.

Ikea herbsOne more thing. You can kind of see little pots in the front window there, so I thought I’d give them a mention as they’re a must-buy next time you go to Ikea.

They’re called FRÖER and you get three paper pots, expanding soil (always a hit with the kids!) and three of what are essentially teabags with the herb seeds in them for peppermint, parsley and basil. My mint’s lagging a bit. Can’t beat that for £2!

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