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Front of houseThe front of the house is looking a little overgrown now.  Well, a lot.  I’ve been meaning to take photos before anything dramatic happens so that we have a true record of how it evolves, but we moved in five weeks ago now, and stuff just keeps on growing!  No regard for the fact that we have a baby, tsk.

It’s a real English country garden, with blooms of all colours, and a path leading through them which you now may or may not be able to see.

Climbing rosesAs with the back garden, I really have no clue what flowers I’m looking at. There are climbing roses of some kind going up the house (and into our bedroom, they really need controlling!), but other than that, I am literally pointing at them and saying colours if I need to speak to anyone about them.

I’ve taken a few photos of interesting ones that I can get close to, but honestly, that path is so overgrown, I have no idea what’s going on in the middle.

View from the houseAnd here’s what’s opposite – this is our view from the front.  The field was empty when I took this photo, sometimes it’s cows and sometimes it’s horses in it.  Scarlett’s started pulling a chair up to her bedroom window daily to check which it is.  Country living!

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