Foraging for fruits

RaspberriesI’ve already mentioned that we have quite a lot going on in the garden fruit-wise.  OK, it’s not really foraging when it’s in your own back garden, but hey.  It is when you didn’t plant them.

We have raspberries, redcurrants, gooseberries, and loganberries, all of which seem to be favourites for the birds too, so we’ve had to throw a net over them.  We’re also having to stop Scarlett picking and eating every berry she sees before she makes herself ill.  Not sure which is the greater threat.

Elderflower cordialThe previous owners came over to collect some post the other week and we had their rhubarb drying in the sink.  I think if it was me, I’d have marched over and snatched it up, but maybe they’re happy that we’re using it!

I’ve made a panna cotta with raspberries from the garden on top, and I’ve baked rhubarb crumble a few times.  There’s a tree leaning over from one of our neighbours which produces delicious cherries and an elderflower tree coming over from the church next door.  Scarlett and I made elderflower cordial after gathering up elderflower heads from that tree and a couple of others in the village (we needed TWENTY for this BBC recipe!).  I imagine gossip was rife when we were wandering round with a carrier bag and a pair of scissors.

GrapesWe’ve also got artichokes in the veg patch – no clue what to do with them.  And we have grapes in the greenhouse, which are steadily growing and should be ready in a few months.  My aunt has just offered us a wine-making kit, so maybe we’ll make our own wine!


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