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Dining area lightWith the bones of the living room almost how we want it, we’re now looking at the lighting in there.  Mostly because two of the three bulbs over the dining table have blown and we don’t want to buy new ones for ceiling lights we don’t like!

I’m being slightly unfair.  They are reasonably inoffensive.  But they don’t say 1930s cottage in a fairly rural location.  I’m not trying to remain completely faithful to that ethos, (hello, DFS sofa), but I am trying to select pieces that will complement the ones we’ve already chosen, and look fairly classic, country and not too modern.

Living room lightThese two light fittings are the current ones – the downward trio is over the dining table and the swirly whirly (probably not its official name) in the living area.

Long-time readers will remember the hassle we had in the old house with the lighting for the living room.  I still have those pendants – no way was I leaving those bad boys!  They don’t really go though, so maybe I’ll have a very glamorous shed one day.  However, that whole rigmarole means that Barry never ever wants to put ten spotlights in another ceiling again.  And similarly, while I do think that back wall in the living area is screaming for a couple of wall lights, Barry has assured me that is in no way happening, so we’re going another way.

BHS lightsI’m starting with the dining area light, as I think the living area one will follow.  For the dining area, I’ve been trying to find a cluster pendant.  This is a style of light fitting that I’ve never actually seen in anyone else’s house, but I know exists thanks to (yes, again) Pinterest.  It’s basically a group of lights falling from the one light fitting, and the ones I like are all different heights.  My absolute favourite was this one from BHS, but their website has ceased to exist, at least for the time being, so that’s a no go.  I’m having a lot of trouble finding anything that measures up. Here are a few I’ve been bookmarking…

M&S Rhianna lightsMarks & Spencer’s Rhianna lights are lovely, but not cheap at £125, and they also have an antique brass finish.  If they had a pewter or nickel finish to match the curtain poles, I’d have snapped these up anyway, because they’re so damn pretty.





Paris Trio

The Paris pendant light trio seems to be available on a few websites (like this one), for about £110.  It’s the right colour metal, but I’m worried it’s a little industrial-looking.  Still a contender though.




Decorative 'Casino' 5 Way K9 Crystal Cluster Ball Ceiling Light in Chrome FinishThis Casino 5 Way Crystal Cluster Ball Ceiling Light has a chrome finish, but Barry thinks they’re too round.  Too round.  I’ll leave that with you.





Gatsby lightsI’ve seen some pretty heinous cluster pendants made out of jars, but thought this “Gatsby” one was quite pretty… apart from the ceiling rose bit, which is strangely super-modern compared to the dainty cut glass pendants.





For lack of decent cluster options, I’ve been having a look at single pendants too.

In short, I don’t think we’re there yet.  If you happen to be in a BHS and see that original light, please let me know.  Really.

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