Building with reclaimed wood

IMG_6162Barry’s become a little addicted to Pinterest.  I suddenly started getting alert after alert of pins he’d saved for the house and garden, mostly project-based images, a lot of which were based around reclaimed wood.

Lo and behold – ten huge 3m planks of wood were delivered one day, and Barry had grand plans for them.

IMG_6161Firstly, he’s made a desk for his office.  He ordered coated steel hairpin legs from eBay, and bought some supporting wood for the underneath from B&Q, then cut and sanded three boards to the required length.

I thought it was pretty cool after sanding and would probably have left it there, but he’s stained it with dark oak wood stain and is going to apply a layer of varnish to seal it.

The other project he has in mind is a bookcase to fit the gap to the left of the fireplace in our living room, based on this image he found on Pinterest.  It’s basically constructed of lots of boxes, glued and screwed together, and has no back, but I think it’ll be lovely for that blue paint to show through.

We’re in the early stages of this one – he’s just made the first box (is it still a box if it doesn’t have six sides?).  It’s been tested in the gap and fits like a glove.  If you didn’t immediately think of Ace Ventura there, we can’t be friends, sorry.

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