Beading… check!

Barry’s got the beading fitted in the living room.  We think we’re going to just paint the skirting boards in the kitchen, and then maybe seal them, rather than fitting beading, as we’ve put the skirts back on over the flooring (whereas in the living room, they’ve had to go up to the edges).


He started by trying to stick them with adhesive, but our walls fool you into thinking that they’re straight.  They’re not.  He’s hammered little tacks in now so that they’re more snug against the skirting boards.

We’ve also brought all of our DVDs and CDs back into the living room.  After having the units empty for so long (since January!), it’s a shock to the eyeballs, and I’m not sure I like it!

We do still need to buy the bits (cupboards/drawers/baskets) for the unit, so that may help the eyeball issue.

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