Ikea kitchen: a quick review

Ikea toy kitchen - Duktig - giftNo, we’re not revamping our kitchen just yet!  Our main Christmas present for Scarlett this year (well, last year – happy new year!) was this Ikea kitchen.

We went full circle when we started looking.  She showed an interest in this Duktig in Ikea, so we went home and started researching bigger, fancier (and yes, pinker) kitchens online.  My bookmarks are still full of expensive wooden masterpieces.  But we got a grip.  She’s not even two, she already enjoyed playing with this one, and it does add up with the pots, pans, utensils and food.  This was a fantastic £49 total for the two bits (they split it into the bottom bit and the top bit), not including the accessories.  We did buy it on sale – it’s normally £65 for the two parts.

It took two grown men just over an hour to build.  What started as a fun task on Christmas Eve turned rather competitive as Barry and his brother worked quickly with (against?) each other to build the separate halves.

I’d strongly recommend this one.  It’s wooden (far superior to plastic, in my eyes), extremely reasonable, and the accessories that Ikea sell match it perfectly.  It’s got lots of places to store (or hide) the pans and food, and it’s a good size for us to put in her room when we’re tired of finding fabric lemon slices under the sofa.

This review is in no way affiliated with Ikea.  I just like the kitchen.  And the meatballs.

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