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Bathroom tilesDespite my recent post about looking for a house, we’re still trying to make improvements to this house – let’s face it: it could be years.  Our bathroom on the middle floor has had a hand held shower but tiles only a foot high around the bath since we moved in, oh… six and a half years ago.  We never really used the bath until recently (to bathe Scarlett), but I always felt a bit sorry if guests used it.  If they wanted a shower, they would have to sit in the bath – which seems something like a punishment – or use our ensuite.

Bathroom floorWe obviously didn’t feel that bad, to wait six and a half years to tackle this, but hey, we’re doing it now.  Barry’s lovely parents gave us some money for Christmas which has allowed us to take the leap of buying tiles for the walls and floor, which is currently covered in cheap lino.

I have searched, both on- and offline, for so many tiles, that the word “tile” is losing all meaning.  Really.  The word looks strange to me now.  We’ve visited many shops, and different branches of many shops, searched online for hours, and finally made a decision, largely guided by Homebase’s excellent sale prices.

I’m anti-beige, so all I knew was that I wanted white and/or grey, nothing too dark as it’s a small room, and nothing too plain, nor busy.  Plain white tiles says “prison” to me.  Barry’s single stipulation was that they’re big.

Linea white wall tileLinea grey wall tileWe finally decided on Homebase’s Linea ceramic wall tiles in grey and white.  My idea was to place them horizontal instead of vertical, mostly because it affects the number of packs we need to buy.  A line of grey along the bath, and then the white ones up to the top.  Probably a couple of white ones above the sink.

LA Cottonwood floor tilesThe flooring has been a bigger pain.  I chose these gorgeous Laura Ashley Cottonwood floor tiles, which are also ceramic and have a hint of silver to them – they’ve got a beautiful sheen.  Just as I fell in love, Homebase cruelly stole them from me (okay, okay, they were out of stock), we’ve been to three stores to find them (curse you, false online stock checker) and now we’re eagerly awaiting the mid-January redelivery.  Well, I am, Barry doesn’t truly care.

Looking forward to this one!

Tile photos borrowed from Homebase, links provided.

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