How d’you like dem onions?

When the Morrisons man hands you onions, you make… French onion soup.  Idiot that I am, I ordered six bags of onions, not six onions, in a recent online shop (Barry did the same with oranges a few years ago), and made it my mission to use them all in delicious recipes.

French onion soup 1

The top of the list (as I immediately received this recipe from three helpful friends) was French onion soup.  I’ve never even tasted proper French onion soup, never mind made it, but I did it and it seemed to go down well at home and at work. This used most of the onions in one go. The trick is to pop a teaspoon in your mouth when you’re cutting the onions, I swear I did not shed one single tear.

I also made a lovely potato and onion gratin (which got the thumbs up from a hungry pair of toddlers too), fajitas with lots of extra onions, a caramelised onion and ricotta tart (this recipe, only with filo pastry, go heavy on the pepper if you make that one), then rounded it off with a curry made with lots of onions and homemade onion bhajis to finish them off.

The word onion has now lost all meaning.

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