On edge

Still no news on the exchange date for our own house, but remember that house I was telling you about last week?  We got it!

Bit of a strange situation – we offered slightly under asking price to begin with, and then revised it to full asking when we were told the vendors wanted full asking… and it still wasn’t confirmed that we’d got it.  They had another viewing.  We definitely weren’t going over asking price, and we made it clear to the estate agent that we wouldn’t be entering into sealed bids again (we lost out on one that way a few weeks earlier), and even made arrangements to carry on viewing other houses.  Whatever tipped the balance, they decided to accept our offer, and we’re now on with the financial side.

Our mortgage broker is sorting through our mortgage application now, and will be instructing the bank to go ahead with the survey shortly… it’s exciting! No news yet from the selling point of view – our buyer is still dilly-dallying, and I’ll be beyond cross if it puts this house we’re buying into jeopardy.  I’m holding this stressful situation fully responsible for the pains I had last week when I had to be checked out at hospital to monitor the baby.

In the meantime, we went to look at sofas this weekend, and picked up some paint sample books.  Barry and I have also gone a bit mad pinning photos on Pinterest, and I’ve started a task list on my phone of things I would do as soon as we get in (paint the lime green kitchen walls), actions that can wait a bit but need doing (fill in a couple of the flowerbeds to give us more grass for the kids), and tasks for waaaaaaay in the future (extension).  Early days yet, but I think we’re using these things as an outlet to counteract the complete lack of control we feel from the sale perspective.

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