Little by little

Not much to report on the house front, although our buyers have now paid their deposit to their solicitor, a mere three months later.  Exchange and completion dates still to be determined.

We’re in a dilemma now, whether to move before or after the baby’s born, as we’re swiftly approaching the danger zone.  Just hanging fire to see if we get any info from our bank this week about the mortgage.

IMG_2937We’re still going a bit mad pinning photos for the house and garden, and I’m already saving eBay drafts for items like our spare bed and washing machine so I can list them the minute we have a date, because I think we’re going to have to move fast.

For lack of other news, here’s some photos of profiteroles and éclairs that I made a while ago – they were the last items on my list of baked goods I wanted to make last year.  Sadly, they look a bit better than they tasted.

IMG_2946 (1)I’ve enjoyed writing the rest of this blog, mostly because YouTube is still playing in the background and has moved on from Danger Zone to Footloose.  Got to love a bit of Kenny Loggins.

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