Scarlett’s room

Scarlett’s new room was pretty much perfect for her before we even moved in.  Painted in a very similar pink to her old room, with hot pink roller blind and lampshade, huge mirror for pulling silly faces and watching herself dancing (some of her favourite things to do), and built-in furniture, we’ve been lucky that there’s really not a lot we’ve had to do to it.

We’ve added a new bed with fake crystal bedknobs that she keeps pulling off – moving all of her old furniture into Jude’s room – bought some pretty new bedding, and I plan to paint a chest of drawers to give her a bit more storage as her clothes are currently in the desk drawers and a plastic toy storage unit – not ideal!

We’ve put up the button monogram S and some of her photos from before, and Scarlett and I spent time putting up the bird stickers that I carefully saved with the aid of cling film from her old room, but I’m not sure it’s working round her bed so we may take those down again soon.  I’d also like to find a deep white frame to display her first ballet shoes and perhaps a photo from when she started dancing a couple of years ago.

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