Ready for turf

Ready for turfThe ground that previously housed a flowerbed, a fir tree and a pond is now ready for turf.  This has been a work in progress of a few months – we drained the pond almost as soon as we moved in.

We’ve decided to take the lawn a little further than that, curving it almost up to the garden swing.

It feels odd, going against a professional gardener’s plan – obviously, she had a reason for placing the pond, flowers and tree there, and we storm in and almost immediately remove it.  But at the same time, it’s our garden now, and it will fit our needs much better this way.  The pond was a safety issue for us, and in our humble opinion, this flowerbed didn’t add much to the look of the garden.  A larger lawn will be much more useful for us with two kids, especially with their trampoline and little garden house right there on the edge of this area.

The pressure’s now on for us to order the turf soon so that it has time to settle before the weather turns.


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