Stop! Collaborate and listen

Everything has halted in its tracks while viewings come and viewings go as we try to sell our house.

The tiles that I’d so lovingly chosen have gone back to Homebase (after all that!), and my sneaky sofa yearnings have had to be put on hold (we have had this one for nearly seven years and I’m pretty sure I can see an outline of our bums).

We’ve had four viewings so far – all of them said “well presented”, but then gave frustrating reasons like we don’t have a garage.  Honestly, we never pretended we had a garage.  As we haven’t done this before (we part-exchanged our last one with the builders for this one), it’s not what I expected.  I kind of thought someone would come in and say, “I LOVE IT!  Apart from that wall, hate that wall,” and then we’d paint the wall and boom, the house would sell.  I’m naive like that.

We gave it five weeks before we dropped the price – we’re eager now we’ve made the decision.  And then… no viewings for the two weeks since.  Not sure what that says.

In other news, we went wild for a bit looking at houses in the area we want to live.  Houses and barns.  I fell in love with a barn conversion (for us to convert) and I think our local librarian thought we were ready to buy it from all the books I ordered on that topic.  Turned out not to be as big in real life, but I did really like the idea of converting a barn ourselves.  It’s probably coming from a new house.  Newbuilditis.

The next one was a huge, pre-converted barn, about 30 mins from where we want to be.  Needed loads of work, but it was pretty amazing.  We went as far as to put a (cheeky) offer in and it was, of course, rejected, but not before I’d started dreaming big.  Like, huge.  And watching loads of Grand Designs.

After this, we copped ourselves on and had a frank conversation about what we actually wanted instead of going mad on these project-based abodes.  I think I forgot I had a two-year old for a bit and thought we could swan off to live in a caravan for a year while we eat into our imaginary contingency (Kevin’s always right.  Damn you, McCloud!).

We have since put an offer in on a house near where we want to be (as much as I’ll tell you for now), but it’s not off the market yet while we find a buyer.  After having my heart broken just a little by all the barn business, I’m not getting too attached to this one yet, but it is a lovely house and I can imagine us living there.

So we’re leaving it at that for now, while the right person comes along and makes us paint a wall before they buy our house.  We’d totally do that.

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