Out with the old

Before I start with the new, I thought I’d sign off with the old house.  It’s been so long since we put it up for sale, and then accepted an offer, that I think I’d lost all feeling I’d ever had for it.  Of course, I’ve said before, it was the house that we brought Scarlett back to (and Jude, for a mere six days), but it’s been too long.

IMG_5043The main reason we bought the house in the first place was the master bedroom.  Way back in 2008, when the babies were only twinkles in my eye (not sure they were even twinkles for Barry yet!), we part exchanged our little two-bed house on the other side of Bradford for that one.  I’ll give it its due, it was an easy sales process compared to this one!  This room had light coming from both sides of the house, had a dressing area and ensuite and just seemed absolutely immense compared to the previous house (which was lovely, but tiny).

IMG_5045I nipped up and took these photos of our room right before we left on moving day.  It was strange looking round the empty rooms and imagining what our buyers would be feeling when they got the keys, but I didn’t feel much really.  I thought this would be the room that would make me feel sad, but no… mostly just excited about getting into the house we’d bought.

I think we were both waiting for the other shoe to drop… even when the movers had packed all our things into the vans (well, most of them, they had to come back for another half load), I was waiting for the solicitor to call and tell us it wasn’t happening.  Think this must be the legacy of the huge wait!  We couldn’t quite believe it when we got the call to say the money went through!

We both went to collect Scarlett from nursery at lunchtime and had a teary goodbye.  None of the tears were Scarlett’s.  Then Barry drove her and I drove Jude to the new house and we all went in together.

Eastenders drums – tune in next time for the second thrilling instalment of moving day!



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